History Of Cheer

History of Cheer


Cheerleading is tied very closely to football.  If it weren’t for football cheerleading wouldn’t even be a sport! Cheerleading started at a football game in New Jersey. Cheerleading all started when a boy name Johnny Campbell, picked up a megaphone and started to get the crowd to rally.

In 1923 women were allowed to do cheer at University of Minnesota.  Over time cheerleaders added tumbling and acrobatics to their routines and the University of Oregon started using flashcards.  This guy named Lawrence Herkimer held the 1st summer clinic and he invented the Herkie jump.  By the 1960s cheerleading was found in almost every high school and grade school there was pee wee, youth and over the time there became junior.  Jeff Webb founded Universal Cheerleaders Association which was for girls that could be taught higher skills.  All-Star cheerleading started in the 80’s and went on till the 90’s and continues today.  All-Star cheerleading is more focused on training the athlete and doing competitive performances.

Cheerleading is definitely a sport no matter what.  Boys and girls can do it, I even do it.  Cheerleading teaches people teamwork and to always have a smile on your face.  So now do you think you would like to try cheer?

Cheerleading Championships - SHAPE                DSC_9760

 Herald Post via Compfight                  Stefan via Compfight




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